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The social platform to share our kids interests and sizes with close family and friends.  No more endless phone calls regarding birthday gift ideas or holiday presents for your kids.  Gift giving will never be easier!

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How it Works

Step 1
Create a profile for each of your children so you can share their sizes and current interests with family members and friends for their birthdays and all gift giving holidays.

Step 2
Send Invitations to family and friends to join your group. They will be able to see suggestions and links to purchase gifts based on your child's interests, gift giving will never be easier!

Step 3
Commemorate the event by sharing photos of the event and sending thank you notes.

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delighted kid

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of fielding phone calls and text about gift ideas and current clothing sizes


true story

About us

Keep it Delightful originated out of a frustrated Mom moment leading up to a busy holiday season. I had just responded to an email from my son’s godfather asking if my son was still into trains and received a text from one of my brothers asking if I could (and I am not making this up) just buy the kids presents and he would pay me back.

After a fit of pique and a call to my Mom to vent about how not delightful I felt toward this suggestion I thought, there has to be a better way! How can I centralize my kids information and share it with close family and friends, how can I take it a step further and have gifts recommended based on what my kids actually like!?! And so K.I.D. was born.

The project has evolved since its inception as more ideas into how to make gift giving, event planning and event commemoration easier. The best thing I have ever done in my life is having my kids. They have brought more joy and light to my life than I could ever have imagined possible, but lets not fool ourselves, being a parent is hard work! With scheduling their school, extracurriculars, events, playdates, some days just figuring out what to give them for dinner is a challenge!

What’s all this for

This company was created to try to ease busy parents lives, and of course Keep It Delightful for our Kids!




Jan Graham

CEO, Keep It Delightful

A Mother of 2, living on Long Island. Before creating Keep It Delightful Jan worked in Human Resources for Victoria’s Secret and New York & Company. She attended Tufts University where she graduated with a BA in Child Development and Classics.


Walter Teagle III

Partner, Keep It Delightful

A Father of 3, Grandfather of 4, living on Long Island. Walter has spent the majority of his career as an entrepreneur and investor. His insight into how to build and grow a company has been invaluable!


Roman Grushevoi

CoFounder & CEO, DedicatedLab

A Father of 2, living in Kyiv, Ukraine.
He and his team are the brains and brawn behind the tech build!

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