This post may not resonate with moms that don’t have children with allergies, but I hope you will read it anyway. First let me say I LOVE peanuts and peanut butter. So when my son had his first allergic reaction to peanut butter I was completely taken by surprise. No one on either side of the family has ever had a peanut allergy, and I ate peanut butter throughout my pregnancy. (looking back I have major mama guilt about how I was probably torturing him….)
We have done everything we can to ensure he is safe in the house and I always carry the epi-pen in my purse, just to be safe. Now that he is in school, going on playdates and going to all his little friend’s birthday parties having an allergy has created new challenges.
As I mentioned earlier parents of kids without allergies don’t tend to keep food allergens top of mind. While my son has become pretty good, even at the young age of 4, to ask “does this have peanuts?” not every parent knows the answer. Nor should we realistically expect them to have that information, especially when it comes to birthday cakes, cupcakes and cookies. Even if they did ask for a peanut-free item, there are not many bakeries or ice cream shops out there that can guarantee no cross-contamination, so my mama tip here is be your kids advocate and bring your own. I keep a stash of peanut free cupcakes in my freezer and if we are going out to a birthday party, one goes right into my purse. I usually seek out the host to let them know I am giving him “outside food” just to be polite and mitigate any potential misunderstandings. I also pack snacks and/or lunch for him to go on play dates.
I know I cannot protect him from everything, but this is something I can do, it’s just not worth the risk. Once we had given him his own cupcake at parties a few times he stopped asking for a piece of cake and even sometimes asks for his cupcake before the cake has been served. Cheeky monkey!

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Bumps and Bruises

  1. I know that all children need space to explore and grow and build self-confidence, but can I unequivocally state that I may not survive motherhood because of the heart attacks my kids seem duty bound to give me!


My one-year-old just can’t seem to get it through her head that the oven handle, the banister and basically all the rest of the furniture is NOT her personal jungle gym.  On top of which my four-year-old has taken to jumping from couch to coffee table in an effort to prove he can fly…he cannot.  Seeing this my dear girl has decided that not only should she try to leap from the furniture too but that a graceful swan dive will earn her the most attention.  Has anyone successfully built a toddler sized hamster ball!?!  I may want to invest.


One way that I have been able to curb this newly discovered love of jumping off furniture is by “rediscovering” my old “workout equipment.” I found an exercise ball and a Bosu that I bought pre-kids (and have been collecting dust in the corner of the basement) and let the kids have fun bouncing on them.  My daughter is too small for the exercise ball but loves to crawl on/jump off/turn over the Bosu and my son likes to roll over the ball and “superman” off the ball.  So far keeping them closer to the ground has resulted in a few less bumps and bruises plus I feel just a little better that these old items are getting used, albeit not by me.  One day…one day.