The Best Gift-Opening Moments

As Christmas passes us by for yet another year, we want to take a moment to reminisce on some of the best gift opening moments from the past few years.  These moments remind us that we don’t just buy gifts for kids because that’s the norm, we do it because it puts an unforgettable face on our kids that we will cherish for the rest of our lives.  Here are some of the best gift opening moments that could give you some good gift ideas for next year.

In this moment we see two brothers, Tien and Nam, open some of the best presents for boys on Christmas morning.  Most of our kids would scream if their younger sibling tried touching their Christmas gifts, but in this video, we are delighted to see the older boy letting his little brother help open the big gift. How sweet is that?

Three girls are opening their Christmas presents when the first is brought to tears from a Karaoke machine.  Even the father says “You’re gonna make ME cry!” It’s moments like these that make the hustle of generating Christmas gift ideas for kids more than worth the effort.  

Watch as big brother takes his sister through the house full of Christmas lights to the presents underneath the tree.  Joy appears on the face of both as they open their gifts and take a peek at what was inside. Gifts for kids these days can be digital as they can serve as great Christmas presents for boys and girls. They did Christmas the right way as they ended the video singing Christmas carols. 

It doesn’t get more exciting than watching these two siblings open gifts.  This is 3 minutes of pure excitement and joy from opening presents. The best gifts for kids are always the ones that bring these type of reactions.  The boy loved his presents and got exactly what he wanted.  The girl is the superstar of this video as she is so excited she shouts and throws her presents in the air.  She makes coming up with gift ideas seem easy! 

The best way to spend Christmas day is spending it with family while watching the smiles on the kids as they open up their presents. It’s the one day where you can catch up with everyone and create even more meaningful memories together. The gifts for kids are just the cherry on top that brings everyone together. Picking out Christmas presents for kids shouldn’t be hard because it’s the thought that counts the most and if the thought was there the kids would be able to sense it. 

The excitement showed in the boy’s eyes as he opens up his present was mind-blowing as if he won the best Christmas presents for kids award. His reaction was priceless after he found out it was a Nintendo 64. The boy and his little sister yelled so hard, a quick little replay in slow motion shows how joyful and content that they were with their present. Gift ideas come easy when you put your mind into the kids shoes as if you were living in their moment. 

Ways To Spend Christmas With Your Family

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As Christmas Day approaches, we are all excited about seeing our families, giving gifts for kids, and toasting to a happy and healthy new year.  Now that the search for Christmas presents for kids is over, it’s time to enjoy your time together.  Not sure what to plan for this special day? Here are some fun activities for you and your family on Christmas.


On Christmas Day, there are many themed-games to choose from.  You could create your own themed scavenger hunt. Setting teams could make it even more entertaining.  Play Christmas themed trivia with questions that engage the youngest to the eldest contestant. Start a card game like Apples to Apples that never fails to produce howling laughs around the table.  In a matter of minutes, the little ones will be gathering around wondering how they can join.  

Sweet in the Making 

This could get interesting…Create something as a family.  Make a gingerbread house, for instance. It won’t take long and it will leave you with a  sweet treat to share. Grandma might want to share her eggnog recipe and everyone can be given a role into making the best eggnog possible.  Put a nice bow on it and hand the perfect Christmas present to the queen of the family.  Or, take the easy route and make smores at the fireplace.  You can never go wrong with this one. 

Caroling, Caroling, Caroling

Have a favorite Christmas song?  Chances are you’re not the only one.  Play the song, turn up the volume, and folks will be singing along.  You may not even need the music–Take the “12 Days of Christmas” and give each day to one or more people.  Just be careful; there will be some competition over 5 Golden Rings! You may want to treat this one as a meaningful Christmas gift for someone special. 


We already know that having gifts at a Christmas party is a given.  Of course, Christmas gifts for kids should be left alone, but what if you want to spice things up for the adults?  Instead of the traditional way of handing out and opening gifts, try totally surprising the person on the receiving end by having a Secret Santa.  Maybe you could try white elephant which will streamline gift ideas and allow you to see who the real comedians of the family are. 

Wrapping it all up

Opening all of the presents under the tree can get a little too crazy with all of the wrapping paper flying around. Cleaning up is a chore to say the least.  Getting more people involved not only makes things easier for you, but your family will have fun doing this together.  You can act like Santa Claus filling the bag of toys while the kids act as the elves preparing the gifts from Santa.    

Loving Memories

The true meaning of Christmas Day is to spend time creating new memories with your family.  You can start by opening up the photo album and reminiscing. Kids are always amazed when they find out the adults were once kids too.  Take a moment to get a family picture this year so that you can add another moment into your book of everlasting memories.  

Ways to Share Keep It Delightful with Friends and Family

After downloading Keep It Delightful, your imagination will run wild with all of the stress relief that will come with using us for your gift ideas and wish list sharing…that is, once you invite your family and friends.  To make the most of using our app, you need to invite your friends and family to join.  This may seem like a daunting task, but we’re here to help make this as easy as possible–making things easy is kinda why we’re an app in the first place!  Here are some ways that you can share Keep It Delightful with friends/family so you can start planning out gifts for kids and make your seasons of giving easier.  


Sharing Keep It Delightful on your FB page.

If you are someone that does not want to be too direct, consider a more social media-focused and indirect method.  Once you Like us on FB, you can share our page to your general network. When you share it, you can comment on whether we’ve helped you find some great Christmas gifts for kids this year.  Now, your ‘Friends’ on FB will see our page in their newsfeed and be able to learn more about our app.  If you want to take a more active approach, you can tag the most desired participants for your next Keep It Delightful event in the post to give them a nudge to start planning for Christmas presents

Bring it up at the next social gathering. 

Have a birthday party coming up?  This is the perfect opportunity to share the app with as many loved ones as possible as everyone gathers to discuss their birthday gift ideas.  You can show them Keep It Delightful with the event you’ve created for your Kid to illustrate how helpful it will be for them. 

Start an email chain with friends and family

If no organized event is on the horizon, consider starting an email chain with those you would like to include in your next Keep It Delightful event.  This way, you can send one single message about how they all can finally find presents for kids with ease.

Send out birthday party info prompting guests to download K.I.D for gift ideas

“Hey everyone, our daughter’s 4th birthday party is this Saturday at 12pm at our house!  Hope to see you all there.” Does this sound familiar? You can set up the same event through Keep It Delightful, your guests will get an email that will prompt the recipients to download Keep It Delightful to see good birthday presents that your kid would love. 

As the holiday season rings in, you want a good platform to use with your family to share ideas.  Whether your planning Christmas presents for boys or Christmas presents for little girls, get your family on Keep It Delightful with you to make this the best holiday season yet!

Top Trending Gift Ideas

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The holiday season is here and our goal as parents is to be able to create a memorable experience for our kids. We all know that Christmas gifts are at the top of the list when it comes to putting a huge smile on their faces. That’s why the biggest challenge every year is finding the right one. Here are the top trending gift ideas that might ease your gift-planning.  



Polaroid Camera

The best way to capture memorable moments is to physically do it. With just a click of a button and a few shakes, you can now capture the experience in a photo that you can physically hold onto. As wonderful a gift as this is for us, it’s also one of the best gifts for kids.  Watch as they use the camera to capture everything they see.  Let their creativity run wild.  


Stuffed Animals / Plushies

Talk about memories!  Remember finding that one stuffed animal you loved so much as a child?  Didn’t it bring back memories? Give your child a Christmas present that will unlock the same memories for them down the road.  You really can’t go wrong with this one. You could go standard or add a personal message that might carry more significance.  Smaller stuffed animals make great stocking stuffers for kids.   


Arts and Crafts Kits

What better way to spend your holidays than to do something together?  This is one of the less thought about Christmas presents for kids despite being one of the most engaging.   Arts and crafts allow you to spend time with your children while engaging them in creativity.  The best part–the supplies are provided for you. Now they can create masterpieces without having to use your macaroni!



This is a good go-to birthday gift.  Kids have always loved to build things.  LEGO sets make it easier for them to put it all together.  Whether they’re creating a block tower or something completely off the boat, LEGOs are their oyster. Who knows? A potential engineer might be born.  Just be careful not to walk around barefoot…


Gaming Consoles

Let’s face it, technology is a growing, ever present, part of our lives. Our kids are very aware of this and are always looking for the next gadget.  When they ask for the latest gaming console, we tend to push back a bit, but we know what they’re looking for when they scan the presents under the tree.  Perhaps this year, seeing a delighted kid will make that gaming console seem like the perfect Christmas present


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The 8 Festive Things Your Child Will Love This Christmas

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With the holiday rush, we’re all scrambling around for Christmas presents for kids—ours and others we know.  Opening presents is one of the most memorable moments of Christmas for a child, but there are so many others you can take advantage of.  Here are 8 festive things your child will love this Christmas and that will take your holiday season to the next level.

Seeing Christmas Lights

One of the sweetest moments you will have as a parent is seeing the sparkle in your kid’s eyes as they marvel at the magic of Christmas lights.  Take a trip to the zoo, mall, park, or town tree lighting to give your little one a sight of Christmas they won’t soon forget. Decorate your house my stringing some twinkle lights (paid link) from the ceiling or around the banister, the kids are sure to marvel at get into the Christmas spirit.

Meeting Santa

Your kid can sit with and talk to the man they’ve been idolizing their whole life.  No, not their father. Santa Claus. Telling Santa what they want for Christmas will be a lasting memory for you and your kid, and the photos will be sure to bring back the joy of years past, or elicit a giggle.  I have a favorite, it was a candid poloroid(paid link) of my youngest on Santa’s lap when she was one.  I guess being on a strangers lap, even Santa’s, was a little too much for her and she had in a full out fit, the photo is a classic that is comes back out every Christmas.  Hot tip for the older kids…if you eavesdrop just a little while they are talking to Santa, you can get started on those Christmas gift ideas.

Sending a Letter to Santa

What better way to get gift-ideas for your Keep It Delightful wishlist than to write a letter to Santa?  Sit with your child and allow their imaginations to run wild as you create a letter.  The thought of gifts from santa will surely get them in the holiday spirit. If they can’t write a letter yet have them draw pictures.

Making Holiday Treats

Remember those delicious holiday treats from when you were a kid?  Why not make the same memory for your little one? Get creative and let your kid help with the delectable masterpiece.  In our house we love to bake cookies and we use these cookie cutters, (paid link)there are plenty of sets with more options but these 5 work great and I have never gotten a complaint.  After the cookies are baked I let the kids ice them with cookie icing, (paid link) it’s an activity, a snack and a memory all in one! 

Decorating the Tree

This one could be difficult.  Our kids may see this as a chore and be reluctant to help.  Here’s how to make this fun—don’t say anything about it to your kid.  Invite others to help decorate. Before you know it, your kid will be peaking around the corner wondering what all the fuss is about and be begging to join in.  Once the tree is decorated, they can’t help but imagine those presents under the tree

Hot Chocolate, Sweaters, and Christmas Movies

Ok, maybe this one is more for parents, but COME ON don’t we deserve something after all?!  Get cozy with a nice sweater, (paid link) make some hot chocolate(paid link) and turn on a Christmas movie you all love.  It’s the best way to pass the time on a snowy (or rainy) day in December. Join Prime Video Channels Free Trial (Paid Link) check out all the movies you like for Free!

Hanging up Stockings

Stockings are a sure sign that Christmas is coming, along with the Christmas Tree.  When your kid walks into your living room (or whatever room you choose) and sees stockings, it will fill them with the Christmas spirit.  When I was a kid my grandmother knitted our stockings, this is a talent I simply did not inherit so we chose to buy stockings (paid link) with our initials on them to be able to tell whose is whose on Christmas morning.  My son’s favorite part of Christmas is the stocking stuffers.  You just never know what you will find at the bottom of that stocking.

Celebrating Christmas with the Family.

When thinking of meaningful Christmas gifts there is one gift that cannot be replaced.  Above all else, whether you are a small or large family, spending Christmas together provides your child with the perfect Christmas present – loving memories with family.

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