Virtual Birthday Parties!

In our new socially distant reality, we need to ensure we can delight our children even if we can’t give them the birthday party they were expecting.  Here are a few ways you can keep the fun while maintaining a safe distance.

  1. Video chat – There are a lot of great services that you can use to set this up like, Zoom, FaceTime or Google Hangouts.  The more people you add the more chaotic; so, if you were planning to invite a large group consider hosting a few separate sessions thought the day.  I. E. One for family in the morning, one for school friends during the day and one for their sports team or extracurricular group in the evening.

  2. Car Parade – Organize a drive by happy birthday parade, encourage the kids to shout happy birthday out the windows, hold up signs and balloons and honk! Don’t forget to have someone film it for posterity!

  3. Birthday Cards – The mail is still getting through, ask friends to send snail mail cards they make themselves, this will be a great keepsake for your kids. 

  4. Video Montage – Ask all your potential guests to film themselves singing happy birthday, saying something they love about the birthday boy/girl, or blowing a kiss. There are a ton of video splicing apps you can download to knit them together and your kids will be able to keep and savor their messages forever.

  5. Birthday Gifts – Just because you can’t have a party doesn’t mean your kids should miss out on the fun of opening presents.  Share your child’s interests and current clothing sizes via the Keep It Delightful app.

Just because we are not supposed to be in the same room together does not mean we can’t socialize and celebrate.  Let’s keep making birthdays special for our kids! 

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April Fools, April giggles!

April Fools!

If you grew up with older siblings, you may have always felt like the one who had the pranks pulled on you…having kids the tables are turned…in the most loving way of course!

Here are our top three April Fools “pranks” which will get your kids giggling this year.

1. Gummy worms in the oatmeal. Your little one will freak out and then get to tell all their friends they got candy for breakfast. Okay maybe not the best mom moment but it’s fun.

2. Turn their bathwater a new color, these bath bombs can be fun anytime.
3. Put fake frost on the windows and tell them it’s a snow day



We can’t wait to hear the giggles!

Stay sane, stay home!

We are all wrestling with this new reality or being cooped up at home with the kids, here are 15 Fun things to do at home with the little ones.

1. Rediscover card games, puzzles, and board games, it’s time to break out family game time again! You know you have these things sitting in the closet, time to dust them off and start the fun! Need a few new games, check out these Board Games
2. Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles, especially for the little ones somehow this never gets old!

3. Create “sunprints,” let the kids learn about light exposure while creating art out of everyday items.
4. Bake, make Jello, or cook together. Now that we are all eating at home more, get creative and let the extra little hands stir, pour and measure for you. Measuring can be a great way to practice number recognition!
5. Art, art, art! Crayola has some great discounts at the moment, as well as Free Coloring Pages.
6. Reinforce good habits with a chore chart. Add things like sweeping, setting the table, unloading the dishwasher, homework, or let your kids decide what to add. Bonus, this is a great way to reinforce the calendar and days of the week too.
7. Take pictures, let your kid be a photojournalist for a bit and document everything, then they can report it for you, or better yet have them FaceTime their grandparents and give them the report.

8. Take a walk, just because we need to stay home does not mean we have to stay inside the whole time. Taking a walk will give all of you some exercise and fresh air, you can add a science twist by trying to name all the plants/animals/items you see.
9. Create a scavenger hunt.  Here is a pic of our latest one:

10. Create an obstacle course with couch cushions, blankets and anything else that’s handy, time the kids and see if they can do it faster the next time.
11. Read, read, read! Break out some of your old favorites or check out some of these Classics
12. Look up your local museums and zoos to see if they have virtual tours or webcams of the animals.

13. Dance party! Crank up the tunes and let the little once get their energy out!
14. Virtual play dates! Skype, FaceTime or Zoom it up for the kids.
15. Sign up for – First Month Free – Click here! Sure it’s screen time but it’s educational and the first month is free!!

Even in these unprecedented times, there are a million ways to fill the day and Keep It Delightful for our kids. Stay Healthy!

Disclosure: As an affiliate Keep It Delightful earns from qualified purchases.