First week of May Celebrations!

The First week of May is packed with fun and important dates, not to mention Mother’s day is on the horizon!

May 1st – The first of May is May day, and an excuse to celebrate spring.  Many celebrations include dancing, singing and cake, not to mention decorating a May Pole.  With everyone at home this can be a fun reason to plan a fun online party for your kid’s and their friends.  Ask them to wear brightly colored clothes, choose some songs to sing together, and decorate a broom stick with streamers.  Don’t have streamers?  Have your children cut strips out of construction paper and chain them together, they can drape them around the broom stick.

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May 4th – May the fourth be with you – Got any Star Wars fans in your family?  This is a great and silly way to host a costume party from home.  You can have your kids do some arts and crafts to make masks to look like Darth Vader or Chewy!

May 5th – Cinco de Mayo – The real meaning of Cinco de Mayo is to commemorate the battle of Puebla when the Mexican army defeated the French in 1862, so add that factoid to dinner conversation, as you let your kids build their own tacos or burritos.  Set out options of what they may want to add like shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes, cheese, sour cream etc. and let them have fun experimenting with dinner!

May 6th – National Nurses Day – If you have not yet done so, take a minute to talk to your kids today about the importance of our front-line workers.  Let your kids give you a pretend check-up and think good thoughts for those on our front lines.  What better opportunity to show our kids we appreciate the people who take care of us?

So many fun reasons to celebrate in such a short period of time, welcome May and welcome Spring!

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Earth Day Activities!

There are so many ways we can encourage our children to be more environmentally conscious.  Check out our top 5.

1. Reduce waste by using reusable water bottles, let your child pick their own out so they feel like part of the process… Note: parents set the example here, if you are always reaching for a plastic bottle and discarding it so will they!

2. Donate toys, not only does this allow for less waste in a landfill someone will end up with an item they will cherish, and your child will learn how great it feels to give back.

3. Plant a garden, kids love to get dirty and this is a gift that keeps on giving, whether it is flowers or fresh veggies it will keep you coming back day after to day to check on its progress. Think you don’t have space?   Planter boxes brighten up a window beautifully and don’t take up too much room!

4. Crown your child “Light King/Queen” for the day. If they see a room with no one in it they should turn off the lights.

5. Encourage good habits that also conserve water like having your kids brush their teeth with a cup of water instead of letting the faucet run.

Happy Earth Day!

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Beading with little hands

Much like most of you my family and I have had a LOT of home time recently and inevitably the screen time has been adding up more and more each day for the kids. My 2 year old had a few unfinished art projects that were left over from school so once we were done with those I decided to get a few items that were meant for older kids to see if I could help stretch her using art projects. I started with a beading set and while my 5 year old could do the beading with the stretchy string my little one could not hold it or thread it, I thought it might be a bust, but then we found the pipe cleaners.

They work so much better for her as she can grip them easily and now can sit happily for 10-15 minutes making bracelets. Needless to say everyone is getting a bracelet when society opens again. 😊

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