Gifts for Summer

Memorial Day has come and gone, schools are out or are letting out soon…what now?  Here are some great gifts to liven up your summer!

Time to get outside and cool off with water balloons, splash Pads, and squirt Toys.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse ''Yay Summer!'' Beach Towel Official shopDisney

Going to the beach?  Get some new swimsuits, towels, and sand toys.

Find a new trail and go exploring this summer.  Gear up with hiking boots, wind breakers, and water bottles.
For those hot summer city days a stroller fan will come in handy or maybe an indoor fold-away trampoline.

Minnie Mouse Umbrella Official shopDisney

For Rainy days rain boots, rain jackets and umbrellas are a must!

Depending on where you are, there may not be camp this summer, so lets keep it delightful and create the best experiences we can for our little ones!


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Graduation gifts for kids

Whether the little ones in your life are is missing out on their graduation from middle school, kindergarten, or their moving up ceremony it is a great time to mark the occasion by giving a gift!

Here are our top ten graduation gifts for kids:

1.Photos of them and their friends.  Framed Photos or a collage board is a great way to commemorate the year.

2. Oh the places you’ll go! by Dr Seuss

3. Chalk – to wish that their next year be “chalk” full of fun

4. Sand bucket and pail – Because they are going to “dig” 1st grade!

5.  Beach towels – To let them “soak up” the sun this summer.

6. Legos – To help them “build” their future!

7.  Crayons – To let them “draw” their possibilities!

8.  Bike – To help them “speed” into the future.

9.  Play Doh – To let them “shape” their future

10. Computers and Laptops and Tablets oh my! – We are firmly in the age of digital learning, time to embrace technology, and free up your own device, by giving them one of their own.

However you celebrate, may all the little graduates out there have a very Happy Graduation!

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Play dates in the time of Coronavirus

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These days play dates may seem like a thing of the past but if your kids are anything like mine, they are craving the fun and socialization of being with other children.  We have taken to having Virtual play dates and Drive-By play dates, they are not the same but it’s better than nothing.

To ensure these play dates go well you may want to have a few activities planned in advance with the other child’s parent.  Some ideas:

Plan a show and tell, does your child have a new toy or art project they want to show off, have the kids take turns showing their friends what they have been up to.

Plan a building activity – coordinate with the other parent to get the same Building Sets as their friend then have them complete their sets online together, once they are complete, they will have the same toy in their hands to play with.

Draw together – give the kids a theme or download some Free Coloring Pages from Crayola and they can decide together what they want to draw.

Play a game – there are some games that translate well to socially distant play dates, here are our favorites:

Tic Tac Toe on Dry Erase White Boards

Minute to Win it – All you need is an Oreo and a timer for “face the cookie.” Which kid can get the cookie from their forehead to their mouth without touching it with their hands?  Can they do it in under a minute?  This is sure to bring out the giggles.

There is no right way to get your children to interact with others, but these are extraordinary times and we need to prioritize our children’s social well-being.

As an Affiliate Keep It Delightful earns from qualified purchases.