Books for summer reading!

Do you want to keep up your child’s reading this summer?  Summer is a great time to build your child’s library and get some brownie points with next years teachers!

We encourage checking in with your child’s school to see if there are any series or specific books that they suggest.

Series we love:

Other great resources for finding options are your local libraries and local mom’s Facebook groups or click here here for some top rated classics.

If your child has a close group of friends or even just a best friend they like to do the same things as, it can be helpful to coordinate with other parents and purchase the same books.  You can then encourage reading, by using their friends as an example:  “Mommy bought you this book because I heard Jamie really liked it.”  This tactic can help soften them toward at least cracking the book open.

If your child is more centered on technology check out Reading eggs , Adventure Academy and ABCmouse, all have free trials and are great for reinforcing reading essentials.

Hope your summer is full of delightful learning moments!

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Party favors we love!

Party Favors

Every parent out there can tell you that there are party favors we love, the ones that keep our kids occupied for a few minutes, and the ones we try to hide before our kids see them in the favor bag… don’t judge, you know you’ve done it too!

Here are a few of our favorite favors:

Activity books, coloring books and sticker books – these are great to for a quiet wind down activity after you get home from a high energy shindig!


Puzzles, mini drawing boards and fidget spinners – these make a great favor that you can keep and reuse. Always a good idea to keep a few items like this in your purse in case you find yourself with the kids and with some time on your hands like at a restaurant, in doctors offices or just in the car for when the kids start to bicker.


Science kits and painting kits are a little more on the expensive side but it does keep the party going at home!

Keep safe and keep those celebrations going!

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Party Favors

Gifts that keep on giving!

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Every family has their own birthday traditions and in many it is customary to give a gift.  In our house we follow this tradition and the kids, of course, love it.  Last year my son was given a subscription to a magazine for kids.  It has been a game changer for us.  Every month he has been thrilled to receive “another gift.”  He could not think of anything better than celebrating his birthday every month! 🙂

This year we are going to continue that subscription and get him a few other monthly surprises in the mail just to keep the celebration going and the gifts and excitement coming!

Science, STEM, and Craft sets keep the creativity and imagination engaged:

Little Passports

Green Kid Crafts 

Magazines encourage reading and curiosity about our world:


Ranger Rick Jr.

National Geographic Kids

Need some online resources?  Here are a few deals on the top reading and education platforms:
Get 2 Months of ReadingIQ for $5!

Learn to read (Ages 2-13)

We hope these recommendations keep the celebration going, the curiosity piqued, and make every month a birthday blast!

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Kids Gifts that keep on giving

Talking to our kids about race

It hard to believe what we are seeing out there in the news and on social media.  It feels like our world is turning itself topsy turvey.  When we think about how all of this impacts our own mental state as adults it’s overwhelming to imagine how it could and does affect our children.  No mater your race or creed; hate, violence, discrimination and fear should not be tolerated.  We have compiled a few resources for talking about these topics with your young children.


Here are a few Kids books about race and diversity and how to be inclusive:

All are welcome

Teach your dragon about diversity

We’re different, we’re the same (Sesame Street)

It’s okay to be different 


Here is a book for helping our littles who might be dealing with anxiety and difficult emotions:

Anxious ninja


May you and your family find happiness, peace, and delight in a world made better by raising our next generation right, and giving them the tools to make the world a better place.

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