Personalized gifts!

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Nothing says “I thought about you” like having a gift personalized!  Here are our top 10 kids gifts that can be personalized and are sure to delight.

Personalized Inspiration Art CaseCrayola art set, you can choose from different images and even add a photo of the child. He or she will be so proud to show off their new suitcase of art supplies!

Sports jersey – have a little sports fan? Get their name on the back of a jersey.

Customize a book – what is better that seeing themselves in the story!

Personalized Name Puzzle - Chloe - Early Learning Toys for Babies - Fat Brain ToysWooden Name puzzle  – great for letter recognition and spatial ability.


Superhero cape – Everyone should get to feel (and dress) like a superhero every once in a while.

Initial Necklace  – A beautiful way to make their day.

Spider-Man Beach Towel Personalized Official shopDisney

Towel – ensure it will always come home from camp.

Pillow – what could be better than snuggling up with something that is all yours?

Pencils – School is coming back, get them ready with school supplies they will want to show off to their friends!!

Piggy bank – Encourage them to save by giving them a place to keep it that is all their own.

Personalizing a gift is a wonderful way to show you care.  Don’t forget to check the recipients Keep It Delightful profile before you purchase to ensure you have the correct spelling.  Just one more way we are helping to ensure a great gifting experience.

As an affiliate Keep It Delightful earns from qualified purchases.

Gifts for your little builder!

Note: This post contains affiliate links.  If you click and make a purchase Keep It Delightful may earn a small commission.  Thanks in advance for helping my small business!

The summer days are getting hot and our little ones sometimes need a break from the heat.  Bring them inside with a project they can assemble.  Gifts like these encourage fine motor skills and creativity, plus they can use them again and again!


Wooden Blocks – Classics wooden blocks never go out of style!  Kids learn balance as well as creativity with this timeless gift.


Mega Bloks – These are perfect for the tiniest construction enthusiast.  These giant connecting blocks let tiny hands put together and pull apart to their hearts content.


Magna-tiles – Magnets have come a long way since we were kids!  These tiles are great for building and you can engage your child by seeing what colors you can create by holding one tile in front of another, add a light table and let them see their creations glow!


Kid K’nex – These snap together building sets come with eyes, feet and wings so kids can make their own troop of adorable new friends that they can play with for hours.


Legos – There are so many sets now that come with step by step instructions for how to have kids build masterpieces with so many themes to choose from.  Want to foster their creativity?  They still offer traditional (instruction free) Lego sets to let their imagination run wild.


Whatever gift you get your super builder they are sure to love creating and re-creating with you this summer.

As an Affiliate Keep It Delightful earns from qualified purchases.

Top picks for keeping summer safe!

Note: This post contains affiliate links.  If you click and make a purchase Keep It Delightful may earn a small commission.  Thanks in advance for helping my small business!

Summer can be an incredible time for kids to get outside and enjoy the warm weather, explore the outdoors, and learn new skills like swimming.  Encouraging these adventures is a gift in and of itself but keeping them safe is always in the forefront of our minds these days.  Here are our top picks for adding some peace of mind as we let the kids enjoy their summer!

Sunscreen – you can never have enough sunscreen. The kids may give you grief, eye rolls or scoffs when you go to reapply, but it will be worth it to not have to deal with a sunburn!  Our favorite brand is Blue Lizard, the bottle changes color in the sun which is fun, and proof to the kids that the sun’s rays do have an effect.

Floaties – For any kid learning to swim these are a great tool to start the process. They are not however a substitute for supervision, kids need to be supervised at all times when they are by a pool or body of water.

Swim shirts/Rash guards – like sunscreen these shirts help deflect the intensity of the sun’s rays. If you are spending time by the water the sun is hitting you from above and bouncing back at you from the reflection off the water, so you are getting double the UV.

Bugspray – Mosquitos, horseflies and ticks are out in droves. Protect your little one from bites and stop they itch before it starts!  Always follow the directions on the bottle, most bugsprays should not be sprayed directly on the skin.

The bug bite thing – If your kid does get unlucky and step on a bee, you will want to have this device. It may seem like an “as seen on TV” product, but it works.  It can turn a bee sting from a four hour on and off crying fest to an almost non-event!

Helmets, knee pads, and elbow pads – Summer can be a great time for kids to try new things like biking, roller blading, or skateboarding. Protecting their beautiful limbs is crucial!

First Aid Kits and Ice Packs – Bumps and bruises will happen as our little adventurers explore the world around them. Make sure you are ready with their favorite character boo-boo bandage.

Water bottles – It may not seem like a safety issue but in these warmer months we need to be sure our kids are getting enough hydration. Our favorite bottles are metal so there are no concerns about BPA.

Masks – Our new normal as we try to combat this virus. They learn from watching us so show them how to wear the mask correctly, and make it fun for them by letting them pick out their own mask.

Keeping our kids safe, well and healthy is a parent’s biggest priority.  They may not look at these items as gifts today, but they may thank you for them one day.  Here is hoping that your summer is filled with magic and delight!

As an Affiliate Keep It Delightful earns from Qualified purchases.