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This week we want to feature one of our favorite affiliate partners, Crayola!  If you have a little artist in your house you probably already have some of their products in your home.  This American brand is a household name and a favorite among budding art enthusiasts.  Here are some of our must haves!

Kid's Wooden Art EaselEasel – give them the gift of a place to experiment with different mediums.  This easel has a chalk board, a white board, and pull-down easel paper.  We recommend getting a few easel paper refills as well so you don’t run out mid art project!

Washable Paint SetPaint and brushes – What kid doesn’t want to get a little messy and create their own Picasso?  Don’t forget to add a smock to your cart or let them wear clothes you don’t mind getting a little messy.  Creating can be dirty work.

3-in-1 Crayon Set, 72 CountCrayons – Your child may want to use blank paper to create their own masterpiece, or Crayola has free downloadable coloring pages!

64 ct Broad Line Markers, VarietyMarkers – Sometimes messy but always a hit Markers can “mark” the first step toward “big-kid” art.  In our house my youngest will always choose the markers since her big brother uses them for school.

Color Wonder Mess Free Coloring Pad & Markers, Paw PatrolColor wonder! – Save on the mess with Crayola’s Color wonder products.  These amazing markers and paints let your little ones watch the magic come to life as their choices of colors appear on the pages.

Giving kids the gift of creativity is like unlocking the door to any new world they want to create.  The possibilities they can come up with are infinite and the pride they will have at sharing their creations with you are sure to bring delight to you as well.

Color Escapes Adult Coloring Kit, KaleidoscopesP.S. Crayola has Adult coloring kits as well so when your kid is into their art you can take a break and get your calm on too!  My daughter loves it when I color with her, just not on her page. 😛

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Kids Birthday Outdoor Activities

Note: This post contains affiliate links.  If you click and make a purchase Keep It Delightful may earn a small commission.  Thanks in advance for helping my small business!

We know that planning a kids party can be stressful and part of that is making sure that there is entertainment for the little ones.  If you are planning an outdoor party here are some of our favorite activities!

Active Activities

(these are option that will need to be coordinated and monitored)
Sack race, Egg race & Three legged race – there are kits you can purchase that have the items you need to have any or all of these!
Magnetic fishing – we included this one in “active” since we recommend having a monitor for this one as there is a body of water involved.
Water balloon toss – Get ready to get wet!  Kids love pop water balloons so make sure you stock up!  We recommend the self sealing ones for ease.

Passive Activities

(these are games that can be left out, you can let the kids discover them and a few party goers can play on each at the same time)
Corn hole – This is a fun one that parents might get into as well!
Ring toss – let the kids have fun and practice their aim, don’t judge if the little ones just walk up and place their rings over the poles. 🙂
Lawn bowling – they now make inflatable giant pins!  Great for easy storage.
Giant Connect 4 – Depending on how tall your child is this one may need some hands on help, but it is sure to be a hit!
Carnival toss game – let your kid practice before the carnivals come back to town!

There are a ton of options when it comes to entertaining little ones.  The best part of these recommended activities is they can be brought out over and over again, not just for a birthday party.  We hope we have inspired you to have the best and most delightful outdoor party and keep getting these little ones outside!

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The Art of Drive-by Parties!

Party Favors

Note: This post contains affiliate links.  If you click and make a purchase Keep It Delightful may earn a small commission.  Thanks in advance for helping my small business!

These days drive-by parties have become the new normal and an art unto themselves.   What do you need to host your kids birthday parade?  Not a lot really, just yourselves and a few people with cars who want to come wish you well, but if you want to jazz it up a bit here are our drive-by party must haves:


Yard Signs – Let them know they have the right house with a few signs in the yard.

Balloons – nothing says “birthday party here” like an awesome balloon arch or themed balloon bouquet.

Door cover – there are even full door cover decorations that let people know they are driving past the birthday house!

Window clings – the kids will have a blast putting these up all over the front windows!

Banners – hang a banner or two from the windows, or just tape it to the front of the house!

Streamers – crepe Paper never looked so good, let the kids have fun “tp-ing” your front stoop or bushes and add a little color to the party.

Party favors – a party is not a party with out a takeaway, keep it socially distant by setting up a table with individual bags ready for pick up, at least 6 feet away from where the birthday boy/girl is greeting and getting their honks. (maybe ask a neighbor to host your favor table)

From us to you a giant HONK for birthday celebrations.  We need to keep celebrating and give our kids the gift of feeling special on their birthday.  Even if it doesn’t feel the same, we are helping to be part to the solution by keeping everyone safe while keeping it delightful for our littles!

As an affiliate Keep It Delightful earns from qualified purchases.

Back to school – preparing for online learning

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We are all ready to get back to the routine that comes with getting our little ones back to school.  This year is unlike any other with the unknowns of in-person vs. online, depending on where you live you may already know that the kids will be online for at least a bit of the fall semester.  To that end, we want to share with you our thoughts on building the perfect atmosphere to foster a good education.

Define the space – Whether it is a desk, a lap desk, or a corner of the dinner table there should be a spot where your kids can say to themselves, this is my “work” space.  We need to ensure that our children can own and define their school zone.  Tip: Check that they have an outlet nearby so that your child will not have to worry about charging their device during school hours.


Set the scene – Talk to their teachers about what they will need and let your child set up their own supplies.  Organizing the area and allowing them a little freedom can make the transition a bit easier.  Let them lay out paper, markers, pens, note cards etc., so that they are easily at hand.

Build in a transition time – Very much like adults, children use their time on a commute to school to organize themselves for the day.  If there is a routine in place before the school day starts it will make it easier to settle into the school day.   One way is to have a checklist of what you need each morning and to check each item off.  Here is a short one:

Check your workstation for:

 Your Device (laptop or tablet)

 Your whiteboard

 Your expo markers

 Extra paper

 Pencils/Pens

 Homework

By going through the motions each morning, it allows them time before they login to mentally prepare for the school day.

Be available – As parents we are facing the challenges of balancing our children’s education and our own work and it can be a very hard juggling act to manage.  As our children transition back into their routine it is important to support them by being available if they are having trouble managing the technology or need to regain the focus them may have lost over the summer.  If you start the conversation with your employers now about setting aside time in the morning to be available it may make the difference, and who knows they may be in the same boat!

Things to stock up on – printer paper, now more than ever our teachers in the trenches will be sending home printouts to complete, be sure you have printer paper on hand for the school year.  Note cards for creating flashcards, as we take on the role of parent teacher it is important to reinforce the teachings by creating fun ways to engage our children on “off hours.”

Education is one of the greatest gifts that we can give our children.  No matter how you are preparing for the coming school year we hope that everyone is safe and healthy.

As an Affiliate Keep It Delightful earn from qualified purchases.