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Ultimate Gift Guide of our Gift Guides!

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Over the past year we have curated and published many gift guides to make gifting easier for parents and relatives out there.  With the holidays approaching we are making it even easier to find the right gift for the children in your life.  Here are out top gift guides.

GIFTS FOR THE ARTISTGift Ideas for your budding artist! - Keep It Delightful

GIFTS FOR THE BUILDERGifts for your little builder

GIFTS FOR THE MUSICIANgifts for your little musician

PERSONALIZED GIFTS10 Gifts you can Personalize for Kids

GIFTS THAT KEEP ON GIVING (SUBSCRIPTION GIFTS)Gifts for kids that keep on giving!


10 BEST COOPERATIVE BOARD GAMESCooperative Games to help kids learn to cooperate



Not finding a relevant post?  Download the Keep It Delightful app, plug in your kids interests and sizes and it will recommend gifts based on the information you provide.  You can either safely share the profile with close friends and family or you can text or email gift suggestions directly from the app and it will record which gift you recommended to which family member.  Let your holidays be a breeze this year!!

Best Advent Calendars

Advent Calendars for the whole family

Note: This post contains affiliate links.  If you click and make a purchase Keep It Delightful may earn a small commission.  Thanks in advance for helping my small business!

Best Advent Calendars

Here is the list of our favorite 2020 Advent Calendars:

Classic Advent Calendars:

These are all candy and we love them!

Toy Filled Advent Calendars

What kid would say no to opening a new toy every day?  We break these down by theme to make it easier for you to find the best fit for your kids.

For the Artist:

For the Builder:

For Pretend Play:

For the Dino Lover:

For the Gamer:

For the Jewelry lover:

For the Reader:

For Bath time Fun:

For kids who love surprises:

For the Vehicle enthusiast:

Advent Calendars for Parents:

Why do the kids get to have all the fun?  Here are great ones for mom and dad!


DIY Advent Calendars:

Confession, this would not be the route I would take as it could be pretty time consuming to buy all the gifts, make sure they fit in the slots and get them in without the kids seeing but they are really pretty!

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Best Advent Calendars

Gift of Gratitude

Gift of Gratitude tree background

Note: This post contains affiliate links.  If you click and make a purchase Keep It Delightful may earn a small commission.  Thanks in advance for helping my small business!

Giving the Gift of Gratitude

Raising Grateful Kids

As parents, we do our best to raise good, kind, and resilient kids.  This year it is especially important to emphasize the good that we have in our lives with our children.  We have all been under stress and anxiety as we, as adults, have worked through this tumultuous year.  Whether they talk about it or not kids pick up on the emotions of those around them.  As we enter the season of giving thanks it is a natural segue to introduce this concept in an organic way.

Gratitude Journal

Start a gratitude journal. This is something I recently started with my kids.  As I am putting them to bed, we pull out the journal and I ask them to tell me three things they are grateful for, and then I write them down in a numbered list.  Then I write down three things I am grateful for.  Since I do this with both kids, sometimes my answers are the same in each book and sometimes different but it gives us a chance to refocus on the positive at the end of the day.

The kids’ responses have surprised and humbled me a number of times. One night my son said he was grateful for the roof over his head, and my daughter almost made me cry when she said, I have a mommy who gives me hugs and kisses.  There are other nights where they are not too into it and I get…Mommy, daddy, comfy bed, but still there is something comforting about bringing the day to a close by reminding ourselves that there are always things and moments to be grateful for even…. if it is just a warm blanky.

I gave each of my children a different version of a Journal. For my daughter the journal is a fuzzy bear holding a rainbow. (Paid Link)  She especially enjoys grabbing it for me off the bed stand.  For my son I went Pokemon Journal.(Paid Link)  You can also let your child choose their own journal.  Especially if you have a child that is not as excited about this type of parent led activity it can help if they have some ownership.

Turkey on the Table (Paid Link)

Thanksgiving is coming, start your Turkey on the Table. This is a new addition to our Thanksgiving table.  The whole family, and our invited guests add words of gratitude and thanks to our Turkey, on his feathers and we read them aloud during dessert.  Tip:  Hold a few feathers in reserve for those guests who are not always around to write a few during dinner and feel included.

Build Gratitude through Giving Back

Find local food and clothing drives, get involved and expose your kids to the concept of giving. It’s a great time to go through the closet and pull out coats the kids have grown out of and non-perishable food items that will fill hungry tummies.  Explaining where these items are going and having the kids participate in collecting and delivering them can instill a sense of gratitude for how much we sometimes take for granted.

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Send Snail Mail

Write letters to those you can’t be with this year. We have all been keeping our mandated 6 feet apart, but the mail can still get through.  Check out these great correspondence kits (Paid Link) that will get your kids writing letters and sending their love and gratitude via snail mail.

Teacher gifts

Whether they are in person or on-line, teachers deserve our gratitude all year long.  Get your child or your child’s class involved in letting their teachers know how much they care.  They can make a collage, donate to a charity the teacher supports, even write a song to show how much it means that our teachers are still showing up for them each and every day.


No matter how you bring gratitude into your child’s life it will be a positive thing.  For them as well as for you.  Our children are amazing and their minds are so malleable and nimble.  Showing that you care and recognize the good in life shows them they can too.

I close with a thank you, thank you for reading, thank you for supporting, thank you for all the things you did today that no one thanked you for, but you deserve a thank you for. 🙂

As an affiliate Keep It Delightful earns from Qualified Purchases.

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