30 FREE Family Activities to do on a FALL weekend

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As the weather gets cooler we all are looking for fun ways to entertain our little ones on the weekend.  Here is our list of 30 Free Family Activities to do on a FALL weekend.

1. Take a nature walk –  write a list of things to look, listen even smell for before you leave the house

2. Play I spy – with all the fall foliage there are sure to be a lot of colors all around!

3. Afternoon picnic in the park – bring some apple cider for a festive fall touch.

4. Movie Night – nothing is better than snuggling up as a family on a crisp fall night!

5. Family Game night – check out our post about cooperative games which will end the night with everyone being a winner!

6. Tea party – use apple juice or warm vanilla milk as a fun twist for the kids.  Pro tip, don’t fill the cups too much, and make sure it is cool enough to drink!

7. Have a family photo contest, who can take the best picture? Pro tip – also a great time to get your family holiday photo!

8. Family fashion show – this is a great way to get the summer stuff packed away. As the kids have fun showing their favorite outfits you can move them to the back of the drawer and bring the sweaters up front!

9. Meals for the week – let’s face it for most moms planning dinner can be the most stressful part of our day. Get the kids in on it and write it down, have them decorate the paper or chalkboard where you write it down, if they can’t read yet pictures are a great reminder of what they chose.

10. Dance Party – turn on some music and let the good times roll.

11. Virtual zoo or aquarium visit – there are a lot of zoos and aquariums with webcams these days, check them out for hours of entertainment.

12. Read together – story time is family time.

13. Write a letter to the grandparents – if the kids are too young to write, let them dictate and draw pictures to send with the letter.

14. Build a fort – bring out the bed sheets and extra pillows and turn your couch into home base.

15. Take a bike ride – let the kids ride their bikes or scooter beside you.

16. Visit a Farm/Apple picking – some farms let you pick for free, note: you will likely have to pay to take home any apples.

17. Fall foliage collage – collect some of the prettier leaves and glue them to a piece of paper.

18. Fill a donation bag – fall is a great time to remember there are people out there who won’t have a coat this winter, go through the kids old clothes with them and see what gently used items may make some families holidays a little more delightful this year.

19. Decorate for fall or Halloween – easy free Halloween decoration: the ghost, crunch up a tissue, cover it with and another tissue and tie it with dental floss or create a chain streamer by cutting up strips of construction paper, create circles by taping the ends of the strips and looping the next strip through before you tape it. Voila!

20. Chalk outside – let their imagination go wild as they chalk the driveway, front stoop, or sidewalk, make a few fall leaves for them to color in!

21. Stargaze –  let the kids stay up a little late on a clear night, maybe some cider or hot cocoa is in order?

22. Do a puzzle – a nice relaxing way to share an evening together.

23. Watch family videos/ look at pictures from when they were babies and from when you were babies –  super fun to reminisce and the kids will love to see themselves and especially to see you as a baby!

24. Fly a kite – the days get a little blustery in fall, perfect kite flying weather!

25. Find a local farmers market – this time of year the booths are sure to be full of beautiful looking produce and fun fall themes.

26. Rake the yard / jump in leaves – 2 for 1 – chores done and fun had!

27. Play 20 questions – make it fall themed.

28. Paint / Color rocks.

29. Make Jello with only fall colors, you can even get fancy and use leaf shaped cookie cutters (if you have them) for some added fall ambiance to your wiggle!

30. Figure out your fall alter ego,  click here.

No matter how you spend it we hope you have a delightful weekend!

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30 FREE Fall Activities!

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