Beading with little hands

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Much like most of you my family and I have had a LOT of home time recently and inevitably the screen time has been adding up more and more each day for the kids. My 2 year old had a few unfinished art projects that were left over from school so once we were done with those I decided to get a few items that were meant for older kids to see if I could help stretch her using art projects. I started with a beading set and while my 5 year old could do the beading with the stretchy string my little one could not hold it or thread it, I thought it might be a bust, but then we found the pipe cleaners.

They work so much better for her as she can grip them easily and now can sit happily for 10-15 minutes making bracelets. Needless to say everyone is getting a bracelet when society opens again. 😊

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