Beat the Friday the 13th woes!

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Friday the 13th is not a gift-giving holiday, and we don’t usually “celebrate” it, but for other moms out there that might have a kid with an overactive imagination and an overdeveloped sense of fright I thought I would share some ideas on tackling this day, which in 2020 comes around twice.

Top 5 things to scare away the baddies on Friday the 13th!

1. Make a list of all the happiest/best/luckiest moments they can think of. Write them down in a Notebook or for the older kids have them write them down and save them in a safe place to revisit on the next Friday the 13th to see if there are any they would change/add.

2. Night Light – I am not even kidding when I tell you between them my two children have 10 night lights. Through a few trials and errors, I have found that the ones that give you a little extra control are the best, there are even some you can program to let your little one know it is an okay time to get out of bed!

3. “Monster spray” – I got this idea from another mom who said it worked for her son. You let the kids have a Spray Bottle with “anti-monster” juice (water) so that if they wake up scared, they can spray the monster away. *pro tip – don’t fill up the spray bottle too much, or you are just asking for wet sheets.

4. Add some good luck charms, this could be anything from a Troll Doll to a lucky penny. It can be a fun way to bring a little magic into their lives.

5. Put in good dreams, this is something I do with my son every night anyway. I take the bad dreams out by scratching his head and put the good dreams in by listing all the things I know are exciting coming up for him to look forward to, such as a school field trip, a playdate, a karate practice etc.

Hope these ideas are helpful and your Friday the 13th is the most delightful day of the year!

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