Get the stockings stuffed!

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How to Stuff a Stocking

It’s 2020, even Santa needs a break this year so help ease the load by organizing the stockings for him.

Whether you are a first-time stocking stuffer or a seasoned pro it never hurts to get some ideas!  Here is our method to a delightfully stuffed stocking.

We recommend buying in advance and making a strategic plan for how you are going to allocate the loot.  Buying small fun toys, tchotchkes, and silly items is a great way to keep the kids guessing as to what will come out of their stocking next!

Use candy as a indulgent way to build layers into the stocking, and who doesn’t love to see Candy Canes sticking out the top of their stocking!?!

Some people like to wrap small gifts and put them in the stocking which is another innovative way to make the fun last, but make sure you have garbage bags ready for all the wrapping paper, candy wrappers and packaging that inevitably ends up on the floor.

Great resources for small fun items are Amazon (Paid Link) and,(Paid Link) just enter “stocking stuffer” into the search and you will be inundated with small items that would work perfectly.

No matter how you stuff the stockings the best part will be watching the kids enjoy the surprises!

Our recommendations for Stocking stuffers they will love!

Chocolate Santas (Paid Link)

Candy canes (Paid Link)

Coal Candy (Paid Link)…for the Naughty little girls and boys, cinnamon flavor 😛

Small coloring books (Paid Link)

Theme pencils (Paid Link)

Blow up light sabers (Paid Link)

Compass (Paid Link) for their backpack

Swiss army knife (Paid Link)…not for the little ones!

Finger puppets (Paid Link)

Card Games  (Paid Link)

Small puzzles (Paid Link)

Hair bows (Paid Link)

Mini WetBrush (Paid Link)

Matchbox cars (Paid Link)

My Little Pony Figurines (Paid Link)

Here is wishing you and your family the happiest of Holidays, stuffed stockings and all!

Stocking stuffers

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  1. Very helpful suggestions here. Simple items that kids would enjoy, for sure. For teens, I would suggest travel sized bath & beauty and hair care products, too! 🙂

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