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What could be better than encouraging a creative mind?  Especially these days it is so import and to encourage our young children in their pretend play.  There is a little too much reality going on…am I alone in that opinion?

Children are amazing at creating their own worlds and being able to discover and even sort through their emotions and feelings via pretend play.



We love playing dress up in our house, whether it is my daughter pretending to be Minnie Mouse (Paid Link) or my son putting on a dinosaur mask (Paid Link)that really roars it brings their pretend world to life when they can look the part.  If we are playing dinosaurs, I sometimes create a cave with blankets on the couch or even let my little girl put on some of my old lip gloss and eye shadow to play princess.  These are precious moments to me and the stories that they make up are incredible.  It does not have to be Halloween to get all dressed up and have some fun!


Doctor Kit

I have found that children have a natural disinclination to go to the doctor.  With this virus being a huge topic of conversation for the last six plus months that disinclination has turned in to an actual fear for my kids.  For her birthday this year I got my daughter the fisher price doctor kit (Paid Link) picture above.  Her brother actually plays with it more than she does.  He loves taking his sister’s temperature and “listening” to my heart, but he loves even more to give pretend shots.  It seems this is where his fear of the doctor was really coming from.  Lots of people have been talking about a shot to prevent the virus and he knew he was going to have to get a flu shot and a finger stick the next time he had a physical.  Having the opportunity to pretend with this toy set gave him some ownership and control over the process helped him work through his fear.  I am not saying his annual physical was the best experience, but I am convinced that it could have been worse if we did not have this pretend play outlet.


Kitchen set

Cooking with the kids is fun and we bake a lot in my house, but the kids are very aware that the stove, and oven are off limits because they are hot.  Knowing this does not always mean they abide by those rules.  To give her an outlet to explore cooking on her own I bought my daughter a kitchen set.  She enjoys making pretend meals for her brother and I, I can not tell you how many “coffee’s” she has made me…I guess she knows the key to my heart. 😛  She feels like a big girl when she can push the buttons on the pretend microwave, open the pretend oven, and put away the leftovers in her fridge.  Don’t have enough room to add a large kitchen set to your home, consider a smaller kitchen accessories set. (Paid Link) that will not eat up as much space.  (Sorry for the bad pun!)


Figurines and Dolls

I grew up with older brothers and so have always been a bit of a tomboy.  As a child when my parents tried to give me Barbies (Paid Link)and baby dolls (Paid Link) I usually threw them in the closet and tried to steal my brothers GI Joes (Paid Link) and He-Man figurines. (Paid Link)  There are so many stories that you can create when you have a figurine in your hands, whether it is gender specific or not, kids use their imaginations to bring these characters to life!

However you choose to encourage your child in pretend play it will bring them a lot of joy to see you getting into their world with them.  If Mommy pretends she is a puppy or Dad is a baby, the kids will see it is okay to imagine and enjoy their pretend play.  Build delightful moment with your children by encouraging pretend play!

Pretend Play gifts to inspire their imagination

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  1. While we do all of these things, my son loves the Playmobil toys in particular for his pretend play. He has toys the represent each of his family and friends and we have so many adventures in his imaginary world. It’s always so much fun to play with him!

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