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Every family has their own birthday traditions and in many it is customary to give a gift.  In our house we follow this tradition and the kids, of course, love it.  Last year my son was given a subscription to a magazine for kids.  It has been a game changer for us.  Every month he has been thrilled to receive “another gift.”  He could not think of anything better than celebrating his birthday every month! 🙂

This year we are going to continue that subscription and get him a few other monthly surprises in the mail just to keep the celebration going and the gifts and excitement coming!

Science, STEM, and Craft sets keep the creativity and imagination engaged:

Little Passports

Green Kid Crafts 

Magazines encourage reading and curiosity about our world:


Ranger Rick Jr.

National Geographic Kids

Need some online resources?  Here are a few deals on the top reading and education platforms:
Get 2 Months of ReadingIQ for $5!

Learn to read (Ages 2-13)

We hope these recommendations keep the celebration going, the curiosity piqued, and make every month a birthday blast!

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Kids Gifts that keep on giving

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