How to Wrap a Gift

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Let’s face it the kids are going to rip through the gift wrapping at warp speed to reveal the gift within however for a few minutes (okay maybe seconds) before the demolition begins it is so delightful to see all those beautifully adorned presents.

I was once the queen of the gift bag, easy peasy, throw the gift in with some tissue paper. Job done!  No judgement here it is a valid way to give a gift, and there are some super cute gift bags out there.  As I have become more fluent in gift wrapping I have started to enjoy it more.  Now I try to be super impressive by putting a wrapped present inside a gift bag, it is like letting the kid open two things!!

So here we go, how do I wrap this thing?

Step one, define your gift in space.  That sounds so silly but not everything comes in a square box.  If your present has rounded edges or slopes you need to go in prepared

Step two, measure twice-cut once, you don’t really need to measure but check twice to make sure you have enough paper to get the job done!

Step three, position the seam on the bottom, nothing looks as clumsy as a hasty tape job on the top of a gift.

Step four, use tape sparingly, you want the kid to be able to get into it! One piece in the middle will hold the paper together so you can focus on the ends.  Tip add a small piece of tape at the end of the seams.  This will help you when you fold the edges down.

Step five, cut off the excess, you only need enough paper to cover the gift, get rid of the excess and save yourself the headache of extra tucking/taping at the end.

Step six, make triangles, as you fold the paper down over the edge make a triangle on each side that slopes towards you. Fold those inward toward the box and press down the seam, you should have what looks like a triangle with its top cut off at the base of the gift.

Step seven, Fold the end up and tape.  Tip if your cut was uneven fold the top down to cover that so none of the back of the paper is showing.

Step eight, repeat steps 5 & 6 on the opposite side.

Step nine, add any extra embellishments like a bow or a To/From Label, and you are all set.

Hope you enjoyed our gift wrap tutorial, happy wrapping!

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How to wrap a gift

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