Kids Birthday Outdoor Activities

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We know that planning a kids party can be stressful and part of that is making sure that there is entertainment for the little ones.  If you are planning an outdoor party here are some of our favorite activities!

Active Activities

(these are option that will need to be coordinated and monitored)
Sack race, Egg race & Three legged race – there are kits you can purchase that have the items you need to have any or all of these!
Magnetic fishing – we included this one in “active” since we recommend having a monitor for this one as there is a body of water involved.
Water balloon toss – Get ready to get wet!  Kids love pop water balloons so make sure you stock up!  We recommend the self sealing ones for ease.

Passive Activities

(these are games that can be left out, you can let the kids discover them and a few party goers can play on each at the same time)
Corn hole – This is a fun one that parents might get into as well!
Ring toss – let the kids have fun and practice their aim, don’t judge if the little ones just walk up and place their rings over the poles. 🙂
Lawn bowling – they now make inflatable giant pins!  Great for easy storage.
Giant Connect 4 – Depending on how tall your child is this one may need some hands on help, but it is sure to be a hit!
Carnival toss game – let your kid practice before the carnivals come back to town!

There are a ton of options when it comes to entertaining little ones.  The best part of these recommended activities is they can be brought out over and over again, not just for a birthday party.  We hope we have inspired you to have the best and most delightful outdoor party and keep getting these little ones outside!

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