Learning to talk

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Every mom I know is super excited when their kids start to talk. It’s amazing to witness their growing mind at work.  My little girl has recently started to say “mama” “dada” “bru bru” (brother) and a few other basically incoherent mumblings that only a parent or caregiver who is close to the child can understand.  It’s a fun stage but there are also some major pain points.  It seems as if she thinks she can communicate a LOT better then she can and does not understand why I am purposefully not understanding her…and then the screeches start.

Can someone remind me why it is not socially acceptable to simply take a seat and scream bloody murder at the top of our lungs when we want something?  It certainly has the desired effect, I will literally run around the room trying to figure out what she wants to get her to stop.


Her: mumbles something I don’t quite understand while pointing somewhere in the general direction of the kitchen.

Me: What did you say?

Her: Sits defiantly silent while continuing to point.

Me: What do you need?

Her: Proceeds to screech at the top of her lungs

Me: Water? (holds up the cup), milk? (grabs the carton), binkie? (where is that thing?) your brothers ridiculously small toys he leaves out just to taunt you?

Her: Nods while reaching out for the toys

Me: Sighs…

It’s clear who currently holds the power in this relationship.

Note to self: Be more vigilant about hiding my son’s ever growing (hazardous to babies who still put things in their mouth) toy collection…and buy some earplugs.

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