Party favors we love!

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Every parent out there can tell you that there are party favors we love, the ones that keep our kids occupied for a few minutes, and the ones we try to hide before our kids see them in the favor bag… don’t judge, you know you’ve done it too!

Here are a few of our favorite favors:

Activity books, coloring books and sticker books – these are great to for a quiet wind down activity after you get home from a high energy shindig!


Puzzles, mini drawing boards and fidget spinners – these make a great favor that you can keep and reuse. Always a good idea to keep a few items like this in your purse in case you find yourself with the kids and with some time on your hands like at a restaurant, in doctors offices or just in the car for when the kids start to bicker.


Science kits and painting kits are a little more on the expensive side but it does keep the party going at home!

Keep safe and keep those celebrations going!

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Party Favors

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