Party Supplies and Décor, gifts they take for granted!

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Most kids see their birthday as a wonderful day where they get to be the center of attention, see friends and family and get presents. For the parents out there is can be a different story, there is a bit (read: A LOT) of stress involved in the planning, buying, and prepping, not to mention the clean up of these once a year events. There are items that you can stock up on in advance to make the week of the celebration a little less frazzled! They may come in handy at other times of the year as well. Here are some of our favorite party items to have on hand all year round.

Wrapping paper – From Dinosaurs to mermaids the themes can get out of control! You will use this item not only for your kid’s gifts but also for the presents you get for all their little friends. We recommend purchasing some wrapping paper that will work for any occasion, check out some of the styles below.

Gift Bags and tissue paper – This one goes hand in hand with wrapping paper. Don’t have time to wrap? Who does? Get a few gift bags and some tissue paper for that gift you picked up in a hurry on the way to the party.

Table coverings – I once had to use a bed sheet at one of my kids parties because I forgot to get a table cloth…that was an expensive mistake, we had to throw it out and buy a new set of sheets when you can get a durable plastic cover for just over $2…take my advice, buy more than one and leave them in the cupboard!

Cups and Napkins – Again you may need these throughout the year so stock up now!

For all the parents out there, who want to give their kids the gift of a great party while simultaneously keeping stress low and an eye on the budget, sometimes it pays to plan ahead!

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