Talking to our kids about race

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It hard to believe what we are seeing out there in the news and on social media.  It feels like our world is turning itself topsy turvey.  When we think about how all of this impacts our own mental state as adults it’s overwhelming to imagine how it could and does affect our children.  No mater your race or creed; hate, violence, discrimination and fear should not be tolerated.  We have compiled a few resources for talking about these topics with your young children.


Here are a few Kids books about race and diversity and how to be inclusive:

All are welcome

Teach your dragon about diversity

We’re different, we’re the same (Sesame Street)

It’s okay to be different 


Here is a book for helping our littles who might be dealing with anxiety and difficult emotions:

Anxious ninja


May you and your family find happiness, peace, and delight in a world made better by raising our next generation right, and giving them the tools to make the world a better place.

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