The 8 Festive Things Your Child Will Love This Christmas

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With the holiday rush, we’re all scrambling around for Christmas presents for kids—ours and others we know.  Opening presents is one of the most memorable moments of Christmas for a child, but there are so many others you can take advantage of.  Here are 8 festive things your child will love this Christmas and that will take your holiday season to the next level.

Seeing Christmas Lights

One of the sweetest moments you will have as a parent is seeing the sparkle in your kid’s eyes as they marvel at the magic of Christmas lights.  Take a trip to the zoo, mall, park, or town tree lighting to give your little one a sight of Christmas they won’t soon forget. Decorate your house my stringing some twinkle lights (paid link) from the ceiling or around the banister, the kids are sure to marvel at get into the Christmas spirit.

Meeting Santa

Your kid can sit with and talk to the man they’ve been idolizing their whole life.  No, not their father. Santa Claus. Telling Santa what they want for Christmas will be a lasting memory for you and your kid, and the photos will be sure to bring back the joy of years past, or elicit a giggle.  I have a favorite, it was a candid poloroid(paid link) of my youngest on Santa’s lap when she was one.  I guess being on a strangers lap, even Santa’s, was a little too much for her and she had in a full out fit, the photo is a classic that is comes back out every Christmas.  Hot tip for the older kids…if you eavesdrop just a little while they are talking to Santa, you can get started on those Christmas gift ideas.

Sending a Letter to Santa

What better way to get gift-ideas for your Keep It Delightful wishlist than to write a letter to Santa?  Sit with your child and allow their imaginations to run wild as you create a letter.  The thought of gifts from santa will surely get them in the holiday spirit. If they can’t write a letter yet have them draw pictures.

Making Holiday Treats

Remember those delicious holiday treats from when you were a kid?  Why not make the same memory for your little one? Get creative and let your kid help with the delectable masterpiece.  In our house we love to bake cookies and we use these cookie cutters, (paid link)there are plenty of sets with more options but these 5 work great and I have never gotten a complaint.  After the cookies are baked I let the kids ice them with cookie icing, (paid link) it’s an activity, a snack and a memory all in one! 

Decorating the Tree

This one could be difficult.  Our kids may see this as a chore and be reluctant to help.  Here’s how to make this fun—don’t say anything about it to your kid.  Invite others to help decorate. Before you know it, your kid will be peaking around the corner wondering what all the fuss is about and be begging to join in.  Once the tree is decorated, they can’t help but imagine those presents under the tree

Hot Chocolate, Sweaters, and Christmas Movies

Ok, maybe this one is more for parents, but COME ON don’t we deserve something after all?!  Get cozy with a nice sweater, (paid link) make some hot chocolate(paid link) and turn on a Christmas movie you all love.  It’s the best way to pass the time on a snowy (or rainy) day in December. Join Prime Video Channels Free Trial (Paid Link) check out all the movies you like for Free!

Hanging up Stockings

Stockings are a sure sign that Christmas is coming, along with the Christmas Tree.  When your kid walks into your living room (or whatever room you choose) and sees stockings, it will fill them with the Christmas spirit.  When I was a kid my grandmother knitted our stockings, this is a talent I simply did not inherit so we chose to buy stockings (paid link) with our initials on them to be able to tell whose is whose on Christmas morning.  My son’s favorite part of Christmas is the stocking stuffers.  You just never know what you will find at the bottom of that stocking.

Celebrating Christmas with the Family.

When thinking of meaningful Christmas gifts there is one gift that cannot be replaced.  Above all else, whether you are a small or large family, spending Christmas together provides your child with the perfect Christmas present – loving memories with family.

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