The Gift of Fall Accessories!

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As the days get cooler it is essential to start having the kids dress the part but we don’t have to bankrupt ourselves to do it!  A lot of times just adding the right accessories will keep them snugly and warm.

Here are our must haves for fall weather that add a little warmth without busting the budget!


There are those great Fall “in-between” days where the air is crisp in the morning and then by noon it is in the high 70’s.  No need to make them grab that bulky coat when slipping a vest on them will look adorable and let you feel secure that the kids are warm enough.  Plus there is the added benefit that they look like a little fashionista stepping off the pages of a magazine…there is just something about a vest!


Truth be told I have been looking forward to scarf weather, so I don’t need to remember where I left my mask!  While I love a scarf and my oldest is now good with wearing one, for the little ones scarfs can be a little nerve wracking.  This is because I always worry they will get snagged and ending up choking my little one or the scarf is a constant plaything that is so distracting it is better off on the floor of the car then around my kids neck!  So, for age 5 and up I recommend going for the scarf, if you think they will keep it on, below 5 I suggest a gaiter instead.  (a lot of people call these buffs but I was raised on gaiter so there you have it.)  I recommend turtle fur.  Their product is so soft and you can find it in a ton of different colors.  Pro tip: get 2, kids tend to chew on things that are right in front of their mouths so if you are outside for an extended period you may want to swap on a new one to avoid rash.  I do this with the kids masks too, my son has 3 in his backpack every day just in case.

Lightweight gloves

These come in handy these days, not just for warmth but when running into a store as well.  If the kids have to come with you, best to cover their hands.  My little girl’s hands are always cold so I tend to keep an extra set in my purse just to have with us if I feel she is getting chilly.

Thick socks/Tights

I can not think of anything snugglier than a thick pair of socks.  For my daughter I have a few pairs of tights and a few  thick knee highs, that or both super cute, and super functional.  They keep her legs warmer when I pull them up over her leggings and add an extra layer of protection when she is chasing her older brother around and inevitably takes a tumble…little sister problems!

Chunky Sweaters

There are some adorable sweaters out there for little ones and I guess my preppy side is coming out in this post with the Vest and the cable knit sweater recommendations but what can I say it works, and there are some really affordable brands to choose from.

Sun glasses

Even though it is fall the sun has no lost its intensity.  If you are getting the kids out to go on a walk or to a farm to go apple or pumpkin picking don’t forget eye protection!

Ear Bands

This may just be me, (I have big ears that stick out) but my ears get cold on a windy fall day.  My kids have my genes so they also have this affliction. I recommend ear bands.  Hats can wait until winter but we can usually get a little extra time outside if I have these with me!

NUMBER 1 ACCESSORY of the Fall is the ….. MASK!!
Buy Any Face Mask Set + Mask Straps, Get 10% OFF with code SMPBUY2SAVE10 at! Available for Kids and Adults/Teens

We recently partnered with School Mask Pack and they have some really great deals on Kids masks and mask lanyards…like the gaiters they can’t loose the mask if it is attached to them!

For the house we recommend Fall Window Clings

The kids have a blast putting them on and they are an easy item to pitch at the end of the season!  I usually pick them up at my local stop and shop when I am grocery shopping but you can get them by clicking the image above too!

However you deck yourself out this fall from my family to yours, may this fall season come with many delightful moments, after this year we have earned it!

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Budget Friendly Fall Accessories for Kids

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  1. Great list. We’ve bought our 5 children so many pairs of gloves, but it seems like they always lose one! Now they just go mismatched! 😂 Somewhere out there there’s 20 gloves without a match….lol.

  2. Great list of stuff to get for fall. The ear bands are ones that aim to get my little girl comfortable with this year!

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