Tooth Fairy Gifts!

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Having a six year old it has become a regular topic of conversation to talk about the current going rate of the tooth fairy.  I wish we had started sooner and come to a consensus!  From what I can gather she has left anywhere from a quarter to a $20 bill (this was a child who lost his first tooth during quarantine and the tooth fairy only had what she could get from the ATM…. but now the precedent it set.

With my son we had an interesting time with the second tooth he lost.  It had been quite wiggly and at lunch I noticed I could not see it in his mouth anymore… let the meltdown commence, “MOM, the tooth fairy has to have a tooth, maybe it’s under the table, (starting to cry,) maybe it’s in the living room? MOOOOM, please find it.”

It was heartbreaking, and try as I might to calm him down and let him know she would find it even if it was not under his pillow (p.s. who thought that would be a great place for it?!?) he would not be satisfied until I had searched the house to see if I could locate the wayward tooth.

I knew he had swallowed it, and, by the way, that’s pretty common and not harmful at all (I googled it immediately) but in a lucky twist of fate, I had not decided if I wanted to throw out the first one he lost and it was still in a tooth treasure box in my medicine cabinet SO…Mom to the rescue!  I was able to “find” it.  Not sure why but this is one of my prouder Mom-for-the-win-moments. (just kidding, I do know why, my husband had told me it was gross to keep it and I needed to throw it out…oh yeah?!?)

My son is now working on tooth number 4 and he is wiggling it everyday because he “needs more money to buy toys.”

This is a challenging mom moment, he has his own money, albeit not much, about $15, and can spend it on whatever he wants.  Problem is he wants toys that are more expensive than his current funds allow, so he wants me or his Dad to anti-up the difference.  I refuse, I have decided this is start of my gifting him the understanding of the value of a dollar and of patience.  He will lose another tooth and then he will have enough to buy that Ferrari LEGO set, somewhat surprisingly it’s only $20.  I am trying very hard to give him the gift of insight but if my blog stops abruptly I may have collapsed under the weight of all the whining. 😉

With school back in swing, and kids getting more of the social chatter they have been missing, I recommend parents compare notes on what the going rate of the tooth fairy is these days!  It is so much more delightful when she is consistent.

What’s the going rate in your household?

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3 Replies to “Tooth Fairy Gifts!”

  1. Love this! My kids are now 13 & 11yrs, and I, too kept a collection of their teeth lol! I’m in the UK, the going rate was £1 – well it was in our house lol! … but then one time the tooth fairy left £5 because she forgot to visit 2 nights in a row!!!🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ #busybusinessmums😂

  2. This is great! Can’t believe the going rate is so high these days! I wonder what it will be by the time my daughter is losing teeth. I remember getting a silver dollar if I was lucky. Thanks for sharing!

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