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The holiday season is here and our goal as parents is to be able to create a memorable experience for our kids. We all know that Christmas gifts are at the top of the list when it comes to putting a huge smile on their faces. That’s why the biggest challenge every year is finding the right one. Here are the top trending gift ideas that might ease your gift-planning.  



Polaroid Camera

The best way to capture memorable moments is to physically do it. With just a click of a button and a few shakes, you can now capture the experience in a photo that you can physically hold onto. As wonderful a gift as this is for us, it’s also one of the best gifts for kids.  Watch as they use the camera to capture everything they see.  Let their creativity run wild.  


Stuffed Animals / Plushies

Talk about memories!  Remember finding that one stuffed animal you loved so much as a child?  Didn’t it bring back memories? Give your child a Christmas present that will unlock the same memories for them down the road.  You really can’t go wrong with this one. You could go standard or add a personal message that might carry more significance.  Smaller stuffed animals make great stocking stuffers for kids.   


Arts and Crafts Kits

What better way to spend your holidays than to do something together?  This is one of the less thought about Christmas presents for kids despite being one of the most engaging.   Arts and crafts allow you to spend time with your children while engaging them in creativity.  The best part–the supplies are provided for you. Now they can create masterpieces without having to use your macaroni!



This is a good go-to birthday gift.  Kids have always loved to build things.  LEGO sets make it easier for them to put it all together.  Whether they’re creating a block tower or something completely off the boat, LEGOs are their oyster. Who knows? A potential engineer might be born.  Just be careful not to walk around barefoot…


Gaming Consoles

Let’s face it, technology is a growing, ever present, part of our lives. Our kids are very aware of this and are always looking for the next gadget.  When they ask for the latest gaming console, we tend to push back a bit, but we know what they’re looking for when they scan the presents under the tree.  Perhaps this year, seeing a delighted kid will make that gaming console seem like the perfect Christmas present


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