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I love being places and experiencing new things and sharing that with the kids has only made it better, but getting to these places and experiences has not always been delightful. The last flight we took with the kids I remember sitting between them with my husband across the aisle.  I think I legitimately glared at him with the thoughts about how did he draw the “I can sit across the aisle and put my noise cancelling headphones on” straw???  I had my daughter trying to climb over the seat to play with her new friends, the random people behind us, who thought she was cute for 10 minutes and then gave me the “control your monkey” eyes.  On the other side I had:

Son: “Are we there yet,” “can I turn on my iPad?” “Are we there yet?”

Me: No, Not until we are in the Air, and no”…

Son: ”Are we in the air yet”

Me: “Do you want a snack?” (classic redirect!)

Flight was delayed 2 hours and we sat on the tarmac for an additional hour waiting to take off.  I kept thinking, my mom used to give us (I am one of 3) Benadryl to help with our ears…or was it more than that ;-P

What I found to be my saving grace was the snacks I had packed, (Raisins, Pirates Booty and Goldfish) and these water pen toys we had been given as a gift, the kids use pens with water and the pages dry out so they can use them again, I will not travel with kids under 5 without having at least one with me.  My son loved to make sure he saturated every nook and cranny and my daughter watched and enjoyed the colors changing.  By the time we got into the air it was time for my daughter’s nap and my son was blissfully ensconced with his precious iPad, and of course then my husband offered to switch seats.

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