Virtual Birthday Parties!

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In our new socially distant reality, we need to ensure we can delight our children even if we can’t give them the birthday party they were expecting.  Here are a few ways you can keep the fun while maintaining a safe distance.

  1. Video chat – There are a lot of great services that you can use to set this up like, Zoom, FaceTime or Google Hangouts.  The more people you add the more chaotic; so, if you were planning to invite a large group consider hosting a few separate sessions thought the day.  I. E. One for family in the morning, one for school friends during the day and one for their sports team or extracurricular group in the evening.

  2. Car Parade – Organize a drive by happy birthday parade, encourage the kids to shout happy birthday out the windows, hold up signs and balloons and honk! Don’t forget to have someone film it for posterity!

  3. Birthday Cards – The mail is still getting through, ask friends to send snail mail cards they make themselves, this will be a great keepsake for your kids. 

  4. Video Montage – Ask all your potential guests to film themselves singing happy birthday, saying something they love about the birthday boy/girl, or blowing a kiss. There are a ton of video splicing apps you can download to knit them together and your kids will be able to keep and savor their messages forever.

  5. Birthday Gifts – Just because you can’t have a party doesn’t mean your kids should miss out on the fun of opening presents.  Share your child’s interests and current clothing sizes via the Keep It Delightful app.

Just because we are not supposed to be in the same room together does not mean we can’t socialize and celebrate.  Let’s keep making birthdays special for our kids! 

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