Ways to Share Keep It Delightful with Friends and Family

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After downloading Keep It Delightful, your imagination will run wild with all of the stress relief that will come with using us for your gift ideas and wish list sharing…that is, once you invite your family and friends.  To make the most of using our app, you need to invite your friends and family to join.  This may seem like a daunting task, but we’re here to help make this as easy as possible–making things easy is kinda why we’re an app in the first place!  Here are some ways that you can share Keep It Delightful with friends/family so you can start planning out gifts for kids and make your seasons of giving easier.  


Sharing Keep It Delightful on your FB page.

If you are someone that does not want to be too direct, consider a more social media-focused and indirect method.  Once you Like us on FB, you can share our page to your general network. When you share it, you can comment on whether we’ve helped you find some great Christmas gifts for kids this year.  Now, your ‘Friends’ on FB will see our page in their newsfeed and be able to learn more about our app.  If you want to take a more active approach, you can tag the most desired participants for your next Keep It Delightful event in the post to give them a nudge to start planning for Christmas presents

Bring it up at the next social gathering. 

Have a birthday party coming up?  This is the perfect opportunity to share the app with as many loved ones as possible as everyone gathers to discuss their birthday gift ideas.  You can show them Keep It Delightful with the event you’ve created for your Kid to illustrate how helpful it will be for them. 

Start an email chain with friends and family

If no organized event is on the horizon, consider starting an email chain with those you would like to include in your next Keep It Delightful event.  This way, you can send one single message about how they all can finally find presents for kids with ease.

Send out birthday party info prompting guests to download K.I.D for gift ideas

“Hey everyone, our daughter’s 4th birthday party is this Saturday at 12pm at our house!  Hope to see you all there.” Does this sound familiar? You can set up the same event through Keep It Delightful, your guests will get an email that will prompt the recipients to download Keep It Delightful to see good birthday presents that your kid would love. 

As the holiday season rings in, you want a good platform to use with your family to share ideas.  Whether your planning Christmas presents for boys or Christmas presents for little girls, get your family on Keep It Delightful with you to make this the best holiday season yet!

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